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About A1 Consignment Store:
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Jan 08 '11
V2.4, $49.99


The Consignment Store businesses thrive around the world, but there are not any cost effective methods to manage the business. Now there is a dual application available from iTunes for the iPad. This app was designed to address the complex process of accepting and selling consignment items. This app includes a free companion app to support usage on the Mac or PC. Now you can use the app with the mobility of the iPad and the ability to sync data to the computer.

The following is a description of capabilities for this application:

● the app used on the iPad or computer allows the user to collect data and to sync this data to the computer app.
● the process of working with consignors is now possible on the computer or iPad. You can be at a client’s home and collect and tag items and then sync this data to the companion app in the store.
● the app allows you to add the client contact information and this info will be used in other screens to manage consignment items.
● if you’re going to pick up the items at a client location adding the address to the client data will provide a Google map and directions to that location.
● if the client wants to schedule a drop off or a pick up at the store, there is a Google calendar in the app to schedule these appointments.
● there is another iPad advantage when you use it for outside sales like an estate sale. You can itemize the sales items and then take sales at the estate sale. When you return to the store, sync the sales into the companion app.
● there is an editable consignment contract that is tied to the client records to add important data. You can make a standard contract for you store to include the policy and consignment requirements specific to your store.
● all of the consignment data related to the acceptance, offer price, item/s detail, sale of the individual items, and customer who purchased the item/s is available on a client consignment screen. A consignment ID can be used in conjunction with a select portal, or a search by the ID will find the item/s to be sold.
● there a tables for locating and searching for consignments, customers, items in a category table, and reports that itemize each transaction for seller’s and buyer’s data. Reports and tables are found on the companion app where printing and email of an invoice is done.
● tracking of consignments for expiration of the consignment is done with a simple search by consignment end date/s.
● the capability of the computer to provide additional tables and reports. The iPad has all of the general screens in the app but it does not include reports due to the processor limitations.
● a major part of the app is the computer reports and consignment screen are math calculations that offers management data to assure that all decisions related to payments for sales and commissions are clearly reported.
● the companion app report of summary data can be used for instant cash flow information. The reports can be organized by date to see day, month, quarter and yearly data for tax and income information.
A1 Consignment Store Details
Category: Business iPad Apps Publisher: Vaughn Clement
Languages: English File Size: 1.9 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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A1 Consignment Store iPad App
  • A1 Consignment Store
  • Price: $49.99
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