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A1 Travel Log App - A1 Travel Log for iPad & Reviews

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About A1 Travel Log:
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Dec 08 '11
V1, $9.99

The A1 Travel Log is the travel planning and travel companion that is your travel organizer. This application will help you make your travel itinerary and to select which sightseeing stops you want to make. You can use the highly organized app to gather information and photos related to sites you want to visit. The items below will cover the features and functions of the A1 Travel Log application.
Important: This app makes use of internet web sites to do research and the use of photos gathered from the internet and your travel during sightseeing.

1. When you plan to travel to either a city or to any special attraction you want to organize the travel elements to collect and schedule daily events.
2. The planning includes the mode of travel to the location, and the side trips. The app manages your reservations for both lodging and access to venues where you will visit and travel.
Here is a sample planning itinerary and how you would use the A1 Travel Log.
- Most travel will involve air and ground travel or both. In this app you will use “Activities” to plan and schedule each days activity.
- You start the planning by organizing the fixed reservations, like airline and ground travel. Start by using the built-in calendar to designate air and ground travel dates.
- The initial activity would be air and ground travel scheduling. The first activity would be to enter the airline reservation information, and hotel or other information regarding lodging. Include the activity for the round trip.
- The first sightseeing activities can be randomly entered into the application if you do not want to schedule each day’s activity.
- If you are extremely organized you can add activities in the order in which you plan see them on a daily basis.
- Once you have activities identified you can use the built-in web browser to visit websites to gather all of the information required to understand entry fees, hours of operation, seasonal information about the location, and all information of interest. Using the companion app or the iPad, you can copy and paste text and graphics directly into this application.
- Using the built-in mapping program, you can copy maps and paste them into this application this is especially useful if where you’re going you do not have access to Wi-Fi or 3 G services.
3. This application includes an expense management screen to capture all relevant costs and budget information. In this way you can have an exact cost for each individual activity in your schedule.
4. This application includes language tabs that allow you to use your language to localize each screen in the application. This includes all text on any screen in the application.
5. The application also includes user defined fields or UDF’s where you can add your own title field, and input field for any additional information you want to capture.
6. This application includes an expense report that is organized by a top level event name that separates individual travel itineraries in the report.
7. This application is ideal for retired people who plan to travel extensively around the world. It also includes a currency conversion tool in the expense screen.
8. This application includes the ability to sync the iPad to a free computer companion application.
A1 Travel Log Details
Category: Travel iPad Apps Publisher: Vaughn Clement
Languages: English File Size: 2.1 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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A1 Travel Log iPad App
  • A1 Travel Log
  • Price: $9.99
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