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Abc Alphabet Tracing Magic Words App - Abc Alphabet Tracing Magic Words for iPad & Reviews

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About ABC Alphabet Tracing Magic Words:
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Sep 08 '11
V1.0, $1.99

Quote "In the field of early literacy, alphabet knowledge refers to children’s familiarity with letter forms, names, and corresponding sounds, as measured by recognition, production, and writing tasks. Together, such alphabet knowledge represents an important component of emergent literacy" (Whitehurst & Lonigan, 1998).
Preschool writing can often seem like a mystery, but really learning to write can be broken down into four areas. These areas will come together as children progress, but first they develop separately. These four parts need to be developed at the same time with a lot of practice and activities.

1.Letters and Sounds - Our apps helps children to learn each letter names and sounds and also learn to break words apart into individual sounds.
2.Fine Motor Skills - Our apps help children to develop hand strength and coordination is essential to learning to write. Children can do hand strengthening activities from a very young age.
3.Learning to Write - As soon as a child has the hand strength and motor skills you can introduce letter writing. Our apps supports direct teaching and writing practices.
4.Ideas - from a very young age, children need to work on developing their own ideas. They will first learn to do this orally, and later these ideas will become the foundation for their writing.

As soon as children learn to write the letters, they can start using phonetic spelling. Our apps supports preschool writing, children gradually becomes more standard and fluent until children become competent writers.

✔ Intuitive user interface, just swipe and tap. ( Fine tuned and tested with kids)
✔ Touch and play, audio playback for the picture and letter.
✔ Step-by-Step animation, to illustrate the "right" way to write a letter
✔ Positive Encouragement "voice" and "stars reward" to motivate children.
✔ Designed for use by found children. Just choose a letter, and your child can follow the rest.
✔ Clear and High resolution images
✔ Professional recorded pronunciations in english.
✔ Multiple level of difficulties suitable for different abilities beginner, intermediate.

Helps Kids develop...
✔ Learn to write Alphabets - Teach children to write the letters of the alphabet. These Apps alphabet worksheets will help kids learn by tracing the letters of the alphabet.
✔ Learn to recognize Alphabets - Apps designed to help kids practice recognizing uppercase and lowercase letters.
✔ Learn phonics
✔ Learn new words, vocabulary
✔ Creativity and imagination

Your child will be happy and relaxed, and don't be surprised to find him or her showing enthusiasm for the next learning session! ABC Alphabet Tracing Magic Words is a a must-have, whether you are at home, on the road, this apps will keep your children engaged, and entertained.

Base on our experience and knowledge of the educational tools, we have invested considerable effort to ensure that this application is as appropriate and easy-to-use for young children. We hope that your children will enjoy it as our beta testers did. Everything about our Apps —from user interface to their engaging content—is designed with the best interests of your child in mind.

Assurance from Developer to parents. No advertisement, no upselling or In-apps purchases of any form will ever be introduced to compromise the quality of learning for your children.

We are always available to hear about your experience or feedback on our applications. If you have any suggestions on improvement, please leave us a message at the support link below. Thank You!!!
ABC Alphabet Tracing Magic Words Details
Category: Education iPad Apps (Racing iPad Apps) Publisher: GamePea
Languages: English File Size: 24.0 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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ABC Alphabet Tracing Magic Words iPad App
  • ABC Alphabet Tracing Magic Words
  • Price: $1.99
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