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Asian Recipes: Fried Rice Cooking Creations
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Talking about Asian culinary, we must broke down the types into some categories according to the countries and the cultures that inhibit this continent. The major types can be defined as East Asian with the origin come up as Oriental cuisines or the root is taken from Imperial China, and now also come up from Japan and Korean. In Southeast Asian, we can take it from Cambodia, Thailand, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Laos and Viet Nam. While, South Asian are encounter from India, Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and British India well as several other countries in this region of the continent. There is also other country define, like Central Asian and Middle Eastern.

By the richness that Asian have in their culinary, it already brings the taste in all over the world, like in Europe or United State. In United Kingdom, Asian cuisines are popularly referred to South Asian cuisine. While, in United State and Australia it refers to East Asian, which is a Chinese, Japanese and Korean, and Southeast Asian cuisine.

In Southeast Asian, we are agree that these countries in the region are the very authentic user of herbs and spices for their culinary. Foods in these areas of the world are flavored with various types of chili, black pepper, cloves, and other strong herbs and spices like turmeric, and cumin which are often used to make curries. Do not forget about the coconut milk, most of the countries use this ingredient for their cuisine.

For the cooking ingredients, common meats include lamb, goat and chicken is always used. Beef is less common than in Western. Pork is considered as a taboo food item by all Muslims and is avoided by most Hindus. A variety of very sweet deserts which use dairy products is also found in Southeast Asian cuisines. The main ingredients to south Asian desserts are reduced milk, ground almonds, lentil flour.
Moreover, for carbo consumption, most of the countries in Asia have something in common, which is rice. In some parts of the region, they have particular bread but most of them have rice in every meal. In Indonesia, the people’s thought said that if we haven’t eat rice, it considered as we do not eat yet.

Rice, in times, becomes the main part on every cuisine that we can create into numbers of brand new menus. The most creation that we can have from rice is, of course, fried rice. Fried rice is the very common menu that we can find on every menu in the restaurant, especially Asian culinary. Those who are not willing to try and speculate about the uncertainty of something that they never eat, must be choose fried rice on their plate, for it ‘safe’ and guaranteed. The very first pioneer on this recipe was coming from Chinese people, and suddenly become part of every nation’s culinary. It proves that every region have their own recipes for fried rice.

There are lot of variants that we can make for fried rice. For some countries or region must have their particular fried rice, relating on the ingredients and in the name of innovation. Basically, the main ingredient for making fried rice is rice, vegetables, egg and mild spices like garlic, chili, sweet soy sauce and salt. When it turns into modification, that simple recipe can be very broad and unlimited.

Therefore, “Fried Rice Cooking Creation”, is a collection of 50 recipes of fried rice that we can easily make for family’s-anytime-menu. In this collection, we can found some cooking creation of fried rice, from the very easy one to the spiciest one.

All of the recipes have been tested before. Moreover, the ingredients are also easy to find and friendly for those who are new beginner, because it completed with cooking result pictures on every recipes. By these fried rice cooking creation, you do not need to be worry to cook and to make some new taste of fried rice.
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