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Botanicula App - Botanicula for iPad & Reviews

  • $2.99
  • (Age Rating: 9+)
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About Botanicula:
App Activity
Jul 01 '14
$4.99 - $2.99 1.0.3V

May 05 '14
V1.0.2, $4.99

Botanicula is a humor-filled adventure game created by the makers of award-winning Machinarium, studio Amanita Design and Czech band DVA.
Five friends, little tree creatures, set out on a journey to save the last seed from their home tree which is infested by evil parasites.

* IGF Excellence in Audio Award
* Game of the Year -
* IndieCade: Best Story/World Design Award
* IGM Readers' Choice Award in Best Sound / Music
* Mac App Store Best of 2012

* An amazing and heartwarming adventure. (90%) - IGN
* Botanicula far surpassed my expectations, and qualifies as one of the best emotionally-driven point-and-click adventures ever. - OneClickMac
* Botanicula is so damned good that it probably won't even wind up on Metacritic. - Kotaku

!!! We don't recommend playing the game on iPad1 !!!

- Relaxed game perfect for hard core gamers, their partners, families and seniors.
- More than 150 detailed locations to explore.
- Hundreds of funny animations.
- Incredible amount of hidden bonuses.
- Award winning music by Dva.
Botanicula What's New
fixed bug in part 8 when party didn't get the magic stone after feeding all blue crystals
fixed bug in part 9 when closing the app on the crossing made mr. lantern unable to progress further
fixed a bug where 100pts achievement could not be obtained
fixes and minor updates in about section
if you obtain any gamecenter achievement while offline, you are able to re-obtain it later by clicking card icon now
Botanicula Details
Category: Games iPad Apps Publisher: Amanita Design
Languages: English,French,German,Italian, Japanese,Korean,Polish, Russian,Spanish,Turkish, Czech,Dutch File Size: 607 MB
Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.
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Botanicula iPad App
  • Botanicula
  • Price: $2.99
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