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Calligraphy Art App - Calligraphy Art for iPad & Reviews

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About Calligraphy Art:
App Activity
Dec 09 '13
$2.99 - Free 2.1V

Aug 15 '12
1.9 Version

Jan 02 '12
1.7 Version

Dec 01 '11
1.6 Version

Jul 27 '11
1.3 Version

Jul 01 '11
1.2 Version

May 25 '11
V1.0, $2.99

Discover the secret of the ancient art of calligraphy, and practice it on your iPad.
CALLIGRAPHY ART is created for calligraphy lovers and people starting to learn the art of drawing beautiful letters in both Western and Chinese styles. Its an art that just anyone can do.

This application is not for language learning. It is divided is 3 parts:
- Western alphabets exercises
- Chinese words exercises
- Large pages for free creativity

All writing surfaces are pre-filled with guidelines according to the hand (font) presented.

CALLIGRAPHY ART replicates the strokes of the pen in real life: angle, thickness and colors. You can start calligraphy with this app, then draw beautiful letters on papers with the same easiness.

Today calligraphy is used in many documents and papers, giving to them an elegant and unique touch: graphic design, logo design, type design, paintings, scholarship, maps, menus, greeting cards, invitations, legal documents, diplomas, cut stone inscriptions, memorial documents, props and moving images for film and television, business cards, lettering envelopes, place cards, poems and much more.

Computers have facilitated the creation of thousands of styled fonts. But calligraphy gives an unique expression to every individual letterform, it's definitely different from typography.

- Specific long paper size: 1536X458
- 5 Western hands
- 3 Chinese writing styles
- 8 inkpens, 4 brushes
- 15 preselected pen angles
- 9 pen sizes
- Zoom rate 2000%, undo redo, clear, eraser.
- Save to photos gallery with or without background.
- Share by email
- 12 old style backgrounds
- Color palette
Calligraphy Art What's New
Version 2.1

• User interface enhancements
• Some minor display bugs fixed
Calligraphy Art Details
Category: Entertainment iPad Apps Publisher: Nguyen Tan Hon-Hu
Languages: English File Size: 89.2 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Calligraphy Art iPad App
  • Calligraphy Art
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