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About Doceri Remote:
App Activity
Aug 01 '12
2.0.2 Version

Oct 05 '11
1.2.2 Version

Feb 03 '11
V1.0, Free

Doceri™ is a revolutionary software suite for classrooms, conference rooms, and auditoriums – any place where you give presentations, teach, or collaborate.

Doceri is the ultimate tool for presentations and lessons. Through the Doceri Remote iPad app and Doceri Desktop software, you can control a computer (Mac or Windows), easily launch any document or application, and annotate over them at any time. You can save drawings and play them back in the future allowing even better presentations to be created from your existing PowerPoint or Keynote slideshows. If you just want to use it as a whiteboard, you can create any handwritten/drawn content on any background of your choice. And with additional room control hardware, Doceri can even be used as the remote control for projectors, DVD players, and all other audiovisual devices in your room. Doceri is the presentation control that you've always wanted!

•COMPUTER CONTROL Doceri gives you the freedom to control you computer wirelessly (via Wi-Fi). Similar to other remote desktop applications, Doceri Remote provides access to any computer running Doceri Desktop from your iPad. Launch, open, edit, save—you now have full control of your computer just like sitting behind the keyboard.

•ANNOTATION Annotate on-the-fly over any document your computer can display or on any background you choose. Draw, write, or highlight over the image on your iPad, and see your annotations appear in real time on your computer monitor or projected image. Save your drawings and annotations for later playback and sharing with other Doceri users.

•CREATE AND PLAY SLIDESHOWS Each drawing can be played back as a slideshow or animated sequence, allowing you to create and embellish presentations all within Doceri. Any saved drawing can be opened again for reviewing, editing, and presenting. Using the Drawing Navigator, you can replay your annotations as they were written, or reveal a section at a time.

•AUDIOVISUAL CONTROL When used with the SP Controls' Networked Room Controller (sold separately), Doceri provides touchscreen control of your room's audiovisual equipment at fraction of the cost of comparable systems. Doceri provides simple, unified, and portable AV control for projectors, monitors, tuners, document cameras, DVD players, amplifiers, and more...the sky's the limit.

** BEFORE YOU RUN THIS APP ** you will need to download Doceri Remote’s companion software Doceri Desktop from A trial version is available for free!

•Doceri Desktop software
•Wi-Fi network or ad-hoc network

Compatible with:
•Mac OS X Snow Leopard
•Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
Doceri Remote What's New
Doceri 2.0 is here with an all new user interface. To ease the transition, visit and click the upgrade link. *** YOU MUST UPGRADE DOCERI DESKTOP TO V2.0 ***

You can now prepare Doceri Projects on the iPad without being connected to a Doceri Desktop AND you can present without a Doceri Desktop via Airplay. Audio recording has been added to create high quality screencast videos based on Doceri projects. In addition, more sophisticated drawing and authoring tools have been added, as well visual file management, improved placement of project timeline controls for easier presentation, and improved screen update time for remote desktop control.

Screencasting with Doceri
•Create a live screencast as you present, or create, edit and perfect your project in advance and add an audio voice over later
•Choose to save audio or delete and re-record without impacting your Doceri project
•Videos may be shared via YouTube, Facebook or email and/or saved to the Camera Roll and any app that responds to video

New Drawing and Authoring Tools
•New line tools (with snapping), geometric shapes (rectangle, ellipse) arrow tool and a new pen tool with realistic ink flow
•Easy access to six user-defined favorites from the available drawing tools
•Place photos from Camera Roll, Photo Stream or another application at any point in your project
•The new lasso tool allows you to cut, copy, move and paste drawing objects
•Choose between patterns, colors or create custom backgrounds on any slide in your project

Direct Controls for Keynote and Powerpoint
•Launch a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation and use Doceri’s one-touch controls to advance your slides
•Annotate over Keynote or Powerpoint (or anything shown on your desktop), creating a multipage Doceri project while keeping your original presentation file intact

Completely Revamped File Management
•Doceri files can now be stored on the iPad
•Duplicate, merge projects, and transfer to and from your desktop
•Combine, resize and share screencasts to Facebook, YouTube, Camera Roll or email with a simple drag and drop
•Full implementation of cross application file sharing allowing “open in” function to copy files in and out of Doceri

***** NOTE *****

By default, all shared images, PDFs and screencast videos, as well as images shared with Airplay carry the Created with Doceri watermark. We believe in a full try before you buy policy. This watermark may be removed or customized to your own logo with an in-app purchase.
Doceri Remote Details
Category: Education iPad Apps Publisher: SP Controls, Inc.
Languages: English File Size: 31.0 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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Doceri Remote iPad App
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