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About Harbortouch Reservations:
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Sep 17 '12
V1.0, Free

Harbortouch Reservations enables restaurants to manage all incoming reservations directly through the Harbortouch POS system. This feature allows you to accept reservations online or manually enter the reservations at the point of sale and track them all through your POS system. Similar online reservation systems cost hundreds of dollars a month, but Harbortouch Reservations is yours free of charge with a Harbortouch POS system!
Harbortouch Reservations Details
Category: Business iPad Apps Publisher: Harbortouch
Languages: English File Size: 0.3 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.
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Harbortouch Reservations iPad App
  • Harbortouch Reservations
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