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Search for the meanings of different idioms & sayings like A Blessing In Disguise, Beat A Dead Horse, Bite Your Tongue and many more. brings a very interesting collection of Idioms Apps for iPhone. There are some very large dictionaries of idioms and phrases currently in use by many of the users.


With 1000s of different phrases and their expressions, the Apps for Idioms available at our door step can help you to get the meanings & will allow you to learn English more perfectly. As we know, an idiom is a phrase where words altogether have a particular meaning... Also watch out for definitions & examples for idioms in these collection of Idioms apps. Get 100s of free English idioms, proverbs and sayings, idiomatic expressions, which are used in our day-to-day language.

iPad Idioms Apps
  • Education
  • Chinese idioms description with English explanation. Helps your child with their chinese composition and proper pronunciation. ..more
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