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Land Area Calculator App - Land Area Calculator for iPad & Reviews

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About Land Area Calculator:
App Activity
Jun 11 '12
1.3 Version

Mar 26 '12
$6.99 - $9.99

Dec 13 '11
$14.99 - $6.99 1.2V

Feb 25 '11
1.1 Version

Jan 06 '11
V1.0, $14.99

Calculate the area for an arbitrarily shaped (closed polygon) area of land. Choose the points (clockwise OR anti-clockwise) that define the area of land by placing stakes (push pins) in a map. Choose whether you use satellite or streets or both as reference points on the map. Accuracy limited only by the accuracy of native map capability.

All you need is built-in access to maps over WiFi OR 3G cell services. You do not need GPS to determine your location. Just pan the built-in map to where you need it.


• Fireman planning firefighting requirements for an active fire. See the 4th sample image for a recent California fire location.
• Farmers can use to plan fertilizer requirements for regular field changeovers.
• Real estate agents and investors can use the app to plan land acquisitions.
• Landman negotiating with farmers and cattlemen for oil exploration and drilling leases will also find this handy.


• As accurate as built in mapping features. See the image showing the football field as a reference calibration.
• Does not require GPS.
• Email to anyone a KML mapping file for use in mapping applications on any desktop.
• Email automatically attaches an image of the plot as well.
• Email also contains all of the raw data required to re-construct a plot.
• Any simple (convex OR concave) polygon can have its area calculated correctly.


• Localization to other countries.
• Altitude information for use in calculating actual surface area.
• Calculator for transforming area into dollars or other metrics.
• We will add new features if you tell us about your needs.


You can only construct the enclosed area of a polygon in either clockwise OR anti-clockwise order. And polygons must be simple, i.e. they may not crossover.
Land Area Calculator What's New
New graphics.
More universal symbol usage.
Localization (Portuguese).
Land Area Calculator Details
Category: Utilities iPad Apps (Calculator iPad Apps) Publisher: CHS Systems
Languages: English File Size: 1.3 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Land Area Calculator iPad App
  • Land Area Calculator
  • Price: $9.99
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