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About MyRoutersPro for iPad:
App Activity
Dec 07 '11
$4.99 - $3.99

Nov 03 '10
V1.5.5, $4.99

MyRoutersPro for iPad is particularly designed for network administrators of Cisco & juniper routers to make simpler login and enter to command line interface when they are working off-site with iPads. There are 6 different user-selectable fonts such as adjustable font sizes, different color themes and many more.

- Support SSH-2 and TELNET to enter network objects
- Support VGA-out to view external monitor or projector at resolution of 1024x768 for login sessions and log viewing
- Includes in-built browser, PING and traceroute
- Enter nonstandard ports with up to 22 and 23
- Support SSH authentication by passwords or public key
- Receive both public and private key pair
- Master password to disallow invalid access to the app and its data
- Save router credentials with strong encryption for one-touch login
- Get password setting
- Support up to five synchronized login sessions
- Well designed user interface to minimize typing
- 3 command sets for "touch-and-send"
- Command seta can be change as normal text files
- Changeable commands can be receive to the command sets by copy-and-paste from other apps
- Through command bar you can enter ad-hoc commands
- Each log can be saved for subsequent review or sent through in-app mail function
- Support landscape and portrait modes
- Ping and Traceroute are implemented as supplementary tools for troubleshooting
- Support simultaneous pings to multiple targets
- Support overturn DNS lookup in Traceroute
MyRoutersPro for iPad Details
Category: Business iPad Apps Publisher: Edwin Lam
Languages: English File Size: 1.6 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Myrouterspro Reviews

MyRoutersPro for iPad iPad App
  • MyRoutersPro for iPad
  • Price: $3.99
  • MyRoutersPro fo
  • by Jenning
  • MyRoutersPro for iPad is the best application I have used ever. This app has such amazing tools for network engineers to login from anywhere and get some real work done. It really very useful for everyone…
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