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About Photo Art By New Dream HD:
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Sep 22 '12
V1.0, Free

‼»» Amazing palette of filters, a professional set of tools and more than 54 original effects of transformation of the image!
»» Photo Art By New Dream app will win over even the most daring experimenters and amateurs to edit photos directly from their gadget

If you're one of those who cannot stand to see a regular, standard and mediocre photo, then well equipped Photo Art By New Dream creative workshop is pleased to invite you to its sleek and attractive interface.
Whatever you want to create, your imagination will find all necessary functional options to bring your ideas to reality.

You can choose any photograph from the gadget’s gallery or use the built-in camera to take new pictures at the impulse of inspiration.

The camera is provided with the following options:
• Greed
• Zoom
• Flash and
• Timer.

The list of all necessary options for three dimensional transformation of the photograph:
• Rotation degrees
• Vertical representation
• Horizontal representation
• Cutting a certain part.

A rich selection of editing tools will ensure all necessary artistic alignments for the picture:
• Brush
• Color Brush – two more brushes and Tolerance set-up option.
• Correction – with Red Eye and Dots options – removing red eyes and unwanted dots.
• Finger – wash off colors.
• Clone Stamp – copy parts of photographs.
• History Brush – 9 step history and cancellation of incorrect actions.

You can change the general color hue of the picture with the following adjusting options:
- Exposure
- Saturation
- Contrast
- Hue
- Tint
- Inverse (Negative)
- Black&White

Now we can definitely get rid of the reality and work magical patterns on the photograph with the help of a wonderful set of filters:

• Add Noise – adding noise of different colors – white, black, black an white, and grey.
• Reduce Noise – delete noise.
• Color filter – three standard color filters (red, green and blue), with the possibility to mix them.
• Blur – misty effect.
• CharCoal – coal drawing.
• Speia drawing
• Pasteurization.

Do you think this is all? This is just the prelude.
The real creative search revelry begins when you get a collection of original photo effects for final photo finishing.
Hopefully, your photo turned out exactly as you wanted, and you're ready for the next one.

Photo Art By New Dream app comprises all necessary tools for an integral cosmetic improvement of the photograph. And for the improvement not to become a tedious and bothering process the app’s interface is provided with small, but useful options to:
- remove upper tool bar,
- easy shift among working and transportation modes,
- make original the last processed picture,
+ a carefree option – INFO and a wonderful button “Cancel cancellation”.

Due to these properties Photo Art By New Dream will become your favorite and irreplaceable helper in photo processing.
Photo Art By New Dream HD Details
Category: Photography iPad Apps Publisher: New Dream
Languages: English, German File Size: 5.8 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Photo Art By New Dream HD iPad App
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