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  • (Age Rating: 4+)
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About Procreate:
App Activity
Jul 28 '14
2.1 Version

Mar 14 '14
2.0.2 Version

Dec 01 '13
2.0.1 Version

Nov 26 '13
$4.99 - $5.99 2.0V

Aug 21 '13
$1.99 - $4.99 1.9V

Oct 10 '12
$4.99 - $1.99

Aug 23 '12
1.6.3 Version

Jul 02 '12
$1.99 - $4.99

Jun 29 '12
$4.99 - $1.99 1.6.2V

Apr 11 '12
1.6 Version

Mar 08 '12
$0.99 - $4.99

Feb 23 '12
$4.99 - $0.99

Jan 02 '12
$1.99 - $4.99

Dec 20 '11
$4.99 - $1.99

Nov 28 '11
$0.99 - $4.99

Nov 24 '11
$4.99 - $0.99

Nov 01 '11
$0.99 - $4.99

Oct 28 '11
$4.99 - $0.99

Sep 12 '11
$0.99 - $4.99

Sep 06 '11
$4.99 - $0.99

Jun 28 '11
$0.99 - $4.99

Jun 16 '11
$4.99 - $0.99 1.5V

Apr 12 '11
Free - $4.99

Apr 03 '11
V1.02, Free

Procreate is the most exciting and stimulating digital painting application designed for iPad device. It allows you to import from your photo library or create your own brushes in just few simple steps. You just need to simply select shape and find a texture. The advanced Silica painting engine utilizes every advanced feature from the CPU & GPU and delivers supreme performance. With incredibly responsive brush strokes and 64-bit smudge sampling, it is an ideal solution for aspiring artists as well as professional illustrators.

Desktop grade brushes and tools:
- For each & every brush, there are customizable brush settings available.
- It come with erase tools and smudge tool with 64-bit color calculations.
- You can also reset all the modified brushes to their defaults settings.
- It allows you to reorder different brushes so that your most used brushes will be easily accessible.
- It also integrates desktop grade paint engine with precise brush strokes.

- Make use of live thumbnail preview in order to adjust layer opacity.
- Easily edit and control up to 16 different layers.
- You can conveniently create, duplicate and delete different layers.
- It enables you to combine different layers up or down.
- Now you can clear layer even without deleting entire layer.
- With just one single tap, you can toggle visibility.
- It also allows you to instantly reorder layers.

Simple and efficient Interface:
- The auto-save feature automatically saves your work.
- Simply flip canvas in both directions horizontally and vertically.
- From your photo library, it allows you to import images.
- With the non-interpolated zoom, you can work with great pixel precision.
- It offers 100 levels of undo & redo option, synthetic pressure sensitivity and synthetic reverse pressure sensitivity.
- It enables you to sketch in any orientation such as portrait & landscape.
- You can quickly adjust size, opacity & pressure of your brush.

Custom brushes and tools:
- Simply import different custom brushes in order to create unlimited brushes.
- Check out real-time preview of adjustments.
- You can easily adjust texture movement, texture zoom, opacity speed, size speed, rotation scatter, shape & texture of brushes and brush scatter.

Full HSB Colors:
- With the HSB sliders, you can easily pick up precision color.
- It provides extra large color chooser and eye-dropper color selection.
- You just need to tap and hold anywhere on canvas in order to instantly pick a color.

Artwork browser:
- It allows you to store and view work-in-progress.
- Easily artwork to your Photo Library.
- You can email your images to anyone with complete ease.
- Simply name your artwork, delete surplus canvas' and duplicate your canvas.
Procreate What's New
We are continually inspired by our users, and our aim is always to bring you the very best stuff. With that in mind, we’ve got a bunch of presents for you. Just pretend it’s your birthday.

- ColorDrop! Just drag your selected color and drop it where you want to fill. It’s actually that easy. It ain’t your grandpa’s paint bucket.

- Threshold adjustments! Continue holding when using ColorDrop and you can slide your finger to adjust the fill threshold for seamless color fills.

- Reference layer! This is to show how much we love our comic artists; now you can create perfect fills without affecting your inks. Swipe your inking layer with two fingers to activate it as the Reference. Select another layer, and ColorDrop can fill into the selected layer, based on the Reference.

- Color Wheel! Use the new color ring for more fluid color selection. Pinch to expand the center and choose the perfect shade.

- Give us your number! Procreate now features numerical color input so you can get the exact color you want.

- Better Swatches! Save a color to a swatch with a single tap. To delete a swatch, simply pick it up and throw it away.

- Swatch Palettes! Create custom swatch palettes and save them, name them, order them. Most importantly, you can easily export your palettes to share with other users, and import palettes from other artists.

- Multilingual! Procreate has now been translated into fourteen language options, including German, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese (simple), Chinese (traditional), Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.

- A bunch of other stuff! Procreate 2.1 also includes heaps of tiny fixes and performance improvements which you probably won’t even notice, but we promise they’re awesome. Here’s some of the highlights:

- Updated all stylus SDKs
- New support for Pencil by FiftyThree
- New Recolor filter
- Create a new canvas from Photos
- Redesigned Brush source interface
- Polished precision slider interface
- Activate eyedropper while color popover is active
- Improved layer gestures for better scrolling
- Painting immediately dismissed popovers
- Selected Brushes and Layers now highlight Procreate Blue
- Improved selection and transform workflow
- Rebuilt import and export systems with simplified interfaces
- Refined artwork naming in the Gallery
- Popover system entirely rebuilt for reliability

- Homework! Make sure you download the latest version of the Procreate Handbook, available for free on the iBooks Store and through the Procreate Help menu.

We hope you enjoy this update. If you would like to see more updates like this, please leave a short App Store review and let others know. Your review makes all the difference!
Procreate Details
Category: Entertainment iPad Apps Publisher: Savage Interactive Pty Ltd
Languages: English File Size: 70.2 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Procreate Reviews

procreate iPad App
  • Procreate
  • Price: $5.99
  • Procreate bring
  • by Sharon
  • Procreate brings handy and useful tools that make creating custom brushes and changing stock versions a breeze. The interface is very user-friendly to navigate through entire app. Simply one of the best digital painting application Ive used on iPad. Its a great painting tool.
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