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About S3Tonik:
App Activity
Jan 10 '12
3.1 Version

Apr 25 '11
$0.99 - Free

Mar 23 '11
3.0 Version

Mar 14 '11
2.0 Version

Dec 23 '10
V1.0, $0.99

S3Tonik is an iPad Application for Amazon S3 Cloud Storage by Rajarshi Chaudhuri and Somnath Banerjee. Mobile users can use S3Tonik to easily configure and setup a connection to their Amazon S3 account. They can quickly test the connection and navigate between their S3 buckets, view the listings of bucket items and display contents of a specific bucket item. The meta-data of items (size, creation date, modified date) is also shown.

S3Tonik can automatically detect the file types and let users:

* View word / excel / power-point / pdf and many kinds of office documents

* View web content / html and many kinds image files

* View xml / log / properties and many kinds of text files

* Determine and display file type icons for different kinds of files
S3Tonik What's New
Complete redesign of User Interface.
Capability to share on Facebook and Twitter.
Capability to Search.
Capability to remember Favorites.
Uniform interface between OWN account and DEMO account.
S3Tonik Details
Category: Business iPad Apps Publisher: SomnathBanerjee
Languages: English File Size: 4.0 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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S3Tonik iPad App
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