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Talking Ben The Dog App - Talking Ben The Dog for iPad & Reviews

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About Talking Ben the Dog for iPad:
App Activity
Jul 14 '14
3.0 Version

Oct 07 '13
2.1 Version

Sep 22 '13
2.0.1 Version

May 20 '11
1.1 Version

May 02 '11
V1.0, Free

Relax your mind with engaging fun-filled entertainment app called Talking Ben the Dog for iPad. Ben, retired chemistry professor, loves his smooth comfortable life of drinking, eating and reading the newspapers. Make Ben responsive by bothering him long enough that he'll fold down his newspaper. User can talk with him, poke or tickle him as well as enjoy the telephone conversation with him by pressing phone button. Poke or slap Ben's belly, face, hands or feet with your fingers. Also they can record the funny video of telephone conversation with professor. Simply press different buttons to make Ben belch, eat or drink. Switch Ben to the laboratory by tapping on chemistry button and mix the combination of two test tubes together to see the amusing reactions for chemistry experiments. This application enables the user to record the videos and share them with others over Facebook & YouTube. Or they may send them to their friends and family through email.
Talking Ben the Dog for iPad What's New
New EXPLOSIVE update is here!
- New test tube with 4 CRAZY animations! Witness the awesome power of the whirlwind, the shocking lightning storm, the in-house volcano and the top secret project X.
- Ben has also developed an environmentally safe bug spray! The app is now bug free! :-)
Talking Ben the Dog for iPad Details
Category: Entertainment iPad Apps (Talking Animals iPad Apps) Publisher: Outfit7
Languages: English,Japanese,Korean File Size: 56.6 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Talking Ben The Dog Reviews

Talking Ben the Dog for iPad iPad App
  • Talking Ben the Dog for iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Hurray… Good ne
  • by Javier Zavaleta
  • Hurray… Good news of kids… get hours of fun on iPad with Ben!! Poke Ben's newspaper, tickle his belly, he will repeat whatever you said & many more. All these activities make my cousin laugh for long time. Thanks for giving me some free time!
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