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About VoiceInk:
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Nov 17 '11 Version

Sep 07 '11
V1.1.148.29, Free

VoiceInk™ (VI) software provides a quick and easy way to turn your Microsoft Word documents (PowerPoint Files or any Webpage, .rtf or .txt file) to sound-enabled pages on an iPad (or into sound-enabled paper if you have the V-Pen system).

There are four easy steps to creating your own sound enabled documents:
• Select a file (Word Document);
• Import it into VoiceInk on your PC;
• Save the VoiceInk file produced;
• Upload the file to VoiceInk on the iPad (OR print the file from VoiceInk to paper).
If these pages were to be loaded into your iPad (using the patented VoiceInk technology), every word could be spoken out, right from the screen, simply by touching it.

The process is automatic: the program ‘reads’ each word, calculates its location on the page, assigns it the correct sound, and correctly positions the sound to align exactly with the text on the screen. Furthermore, you can also attach a sound file to any drawing, picture or photograph that is a part of the document. Any part of a document can be brought to life. It is possible to select from various options so that, not only each word will speak aloud when touched but also, each sentence, paragraph or page can be automatically spoken.

When a VoiceInk file is loaded into the iPad, the pages produced are able to speak, play music, sing songs, provide sound effects, etc. In other words, VoiceInk can:
• create sound-enabled learning support materials;
• read books and pictures;
• establish ‘hot-spotted’ images that can play all manner of sound effects;
• produce communication systems.

Indeed, there are potentially thousands of uses for the VI technology. However, if you wish to create an AAC system, you would probably be better served using the alternative Voice Symbol AAC™ system for the iPad.
VoiceInk What's New
1. Fix memory leakage issue.
2. Fix quickly slide the finger to turn the page will get blank content issue.
VoiceInk Details
Category: Education iPad Apps Publisher: Unlimiter
Languages: English File Size: 14.9 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
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VoiceInk iPad App
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