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About Working Mother Magazine:
App Activity
Oct 03 '12
3.0.1 Version

Jun 26 '12
2.6.6 Version

May 25 '12
2.6.5 Version

Apr 20 '12
2.6 Version

Mar 06 '12
2.5 Version

Feb 03 '12
2.4 Version

Jan 10 '12
2.3 Version

Nov 15 '11
2.2 Version

Aug 02 '11
2.1 Version

Oct 20 '10
V1.1, Free

iPad Special Digital Edition:

Working Mother 100 Best Companies
25th Anniversary
Sponsored by Northern Trust
Working Mother Magazine What's New
Working Mother is now available for both your iPad and iPhone with beautiful layouts in portrait and landscape viewing modes. See full-page magazine spreads the way they were meant to be viewed while in landscape mode.
Working Mother Magazine Details
Category: Business iPad Apps (Magazine iPad Apps) Publisher: Bonnier Corporation
Languages: English File Size: 9.2 MB
Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later
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Working Mother Magazine iPad App
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